Reproduction, film and sheep spotting

The recently held conference Reproduction and Gender at the Crossroads in Trondheim, November 29-30 was a great occasion to screen our film. Thematically revolving around issues of gender, reproduction and ethnicity, the conference key notes were Sarah Franklin, Carice Thompson, Marcia Inhorn and Merete Lie. See more information about the programme and abstracts here.

“The main aim of the seminar is to raise pressing debates, and to create a meeting place where scholars from different disciplines, policy makers and practitioners mutually can explore each other’s knowledge, inspire each other, and discuss current controversies and future challenges in the multidisciplinary field of gender, ethnicity and reproduction.”

To top it all, one of our great colleagues, Ane Møller Gabrielsen, arranged an excursion for the conference participants: She invited us all to go sheep spotting out at Stokkøya with Roar Svenning, the farmer and owner of the resort Stokkøya Sjøsenter. Ane had heard about Sarah Franklin’s interest in wild sheep (she has after all written extensively on genetics and breeding of sheep), and Franklin was thrilled to take part in the guided excursion. Although the wild sheep are quite shy we got to see some of them – and taste the meat for lunch at Strandbaren, after a cold but scenic walk along the coast in the low winter sun. Great weekend!

Scenic walk at Stokkøya.

Scenic walk at Stokkøya. Photo: Anja Johansen


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