Selective reproductive technologies conference Dec 13-15

This week Merete and Manulea are going to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark to give presentations at the conference Selective reproductive technologies – routes of routinisation and globalisation, December 13-15. Key note speakers are Sarah Franklin, Lene Koch, Rayna Rapp and Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner. On the conference web pages it says that the aim of the conference is to promote comparative social science research into the routinisation and globalisation of selective reproductive technologies (SRTs), and the main focus will be on mundane, everyday questions such as:

How have selective reproductive technologies been taken up and put into practice in different cultural and socio-economic contexts? In which ways are prospective parents in different countries engaging with these technologies? How do SRT providers interact and communicate with prospective parents? What visions and imaginings of potentiality guide clinical practice in the realm of reproductive selection? What are some of the structural constraints/possibilities that these technologies come to be embedded in? What are the roles of government authorities in promoting or regulating the use of SRTs? How do market forces and other economic factors fuel or constrain the routinisation of SRTs?

The conference is organised by the Department of Anthropology and the Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies at the University of Copenhagen, and is funded through the Sapere Aude programme of the Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF). Convenors: Ayo Wahlberg and Trine Gammeltoft.


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