Virtual bodies and the diagnostic gaze Dec 20

NB: NEW TIME! We are lucky to have Dr Fionagh Thomson visiting Trondheim in December, and I asked her to present her current research on telemedicine and the body. Thomson is currently a senior research associate at the Ageing Creatively project at the Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK.

The title of her talk is: Virtual bodies and the diagnostic gaze: the predominance of the visual in the diagnostic process within telemedicine design.

Time: Thursday 20ieth 2-4pm NB: NEW TIME!
Place: Meeting room (6440), building 6, level 4
Department of interdisciplinary studies of culture/KULT
NTNU, Dragvoll

You can bring your lunch to the meeting if you want, we will provide tea/coffee and some cookies. Hope to see you there in December!

Short biography
Dr Fionagh Thomson

I am a methodologist with a specific interest in how to create the space and time with participants to think through and describe their everyday lives: focusing on what people do rather than what they think they do. I work with video, camera, paper and conversation. My current research interests include the role (and multi-representations) of the ‘body’ in everyday medical spaces, the extension of our senses through tools/technologies in meaning-making and hermeneutic phenomenology (Gadamer & Ricoeur). My training is eclectic and includes natural resource management, educational philosophy, environmental ethics, human geography and visual anthropology. Fieldwork locations include the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, the islands of the Scottish Hebrides, the consulting spaces of English NHS hospitals.

I am currently based at Culture Lab, Newcastle University as the senior researcher on the ‘Ageing Creatively’ pilot project (UK Medical Research Council). This preliminary study is exploring the relationship between creative arts interventions with wellbeing in later life from participants’ perspectives, and the challenging question of how to ‘measure’ these complex and dynamic processes. Previous research projects include: the role of IT within health professional-patient interactions during the consultation, and the social and ethical implications of a European Nanomedicine (lab-on-a-chip) project. In the winter of 2003, I spent three happy months as a visiting fellow in NOSEB, NTNU, writing up my doctoral thesis.

Photo: Simon Price. 2012.Retrieved from


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