The realm of the senses: Book launch and conference

How has the term aesthetics been understood during history? What does it mean to attribute aesthetic value to something? And how is aesthetics related to negotiations and changes in cultural values?  The closing conference of  the Norwegian Research Council’s programme for cultural values (KULVER) will present  results from the research projects and discuss the role of aesthetics today. The conference will be held April 9th at the House of Literature in Oslo, and will include presentations and a screening of our film with commentaries. You will find more information about the conference and programme (in Norwegian) here.

The conference also includes the book launch of Assigning Cultural Values, edited by Kjerstin Aukrust and published by Peter Lang. This book is based on contributions from research projects funded by KULVER. Anja Johansen participates with the article Awarding Images, Celebrating Science: The Aesthetics and Aestheticization of Scientific Images in the Wellcome Image Awards. Here’s from the press release:

Assigning Cultural Values is a collection of thirteen essays focusing on the analysis of cultural value in light of aestheticization or aesthetic practices. Reflecting the fruits of the Research Council of Norway’s comprehensive programme for cultural research (KULVER), this anthology studies cultural phenomena not as static dimensions, but rather as factors involved in negotiations and exchanges. By examining the processes in which aestheticization is prominent, the contributors show how the experience-based, relational, and perceptual aspects of assigning cultural values come into focus.

Hope to see you there!


Image: Confocal micrograph of Arabidopsis thaliana seedling. Fernan Federici & Jim Haseloff, Wellcome Images.


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