STS Summer School: Technologically Dense Environments

Manula Perrotta is one of the confirmed speakers at the STS Italia Summer School, held in Ostuni, Italy, June 12-16. 2013. The topic is “Technologically Dense Environments:What, Where and How”, and the field of research represented is at the interface of Organization Studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS). As it is explained on the web pages the idea of technologically dense environments (TDEs), refers both to concrete places in which human actors and technological artefacts work ‘together’ and to virtual places in which human interaction is made possible by technologies. In the last decades, STS have provided a range of interesting examples of TDEs, such as laboratories, financial markets, centres of coordination, medical settings and music making. The summer school will introduce students to research experiences, approaches and methods within the field of STS in order to explore the interweaving of technological tools and practices with everyday work. Sounds promising! I was especially intrigued by these lines on inscription and embodiment:

In TDEs, technical procedures can be inscribed in many elements: bodies, languages, artefacts and architectures. Thus, the notion of TDEs takes organisational routines and structures as being inscribed in information and communication technologies, embodied in humans, incorporated into technical arrangements and built into floors and walls. The technological density of such environments does not denote that all the techniques get inescapably fused into one big apparatus governing all; on the contrary it highlights the contingencies of everyday action and the manifold instances of maintenance and repair which are needed in order to keep the semiotic and the material aspects of working and organizing well aligned.

Confirmed Speakers:

Trevor Pinch (Cornell University);
Attila Bruni (University of Trento);
Giuseppina Pellegrino (University of Calabria);
Manuela Perrotta (Queen Mary University, London);
Cornelius Schubert (Siegen University).

More information on the Summer School’s web pages.

Best of luck, Manuela!


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