Call for papers: NJSTS

NJSTS refers to the recently launched Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies, where Anja Johansen is a contributing editor. Call for papers are out now, and if you submit before June 1st you might be your article published in November this year. More information below:

Call for Papers: Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies

This is an open call for papers for a new, open-access academic journal of STS. We call upon all interested and qualified researchers, academics, experts or laypersons to submit articles of an acceptable scientific quality on topics of relevance to the study of science and technology in a Nordic context.

Articles submitted before June 1st 2013 will be eligible for inclusion in the inaugural issue, to be published in November this year. Articles submitted after this date will be eligible for inclusion in subsequent issues, to be published from the Spring of 2014 onwards.

Nordic Journal of Science and Technology (NJSTS) is a new open-access academic journal.Science and Technology Studies (STS) is a multidisciplinary field at the intersection of social science, the humanities and natural and technical sciences. It focuses on issues dealing with the effect of technological and scientific change on societal organization, employing theories taken from a diverse range of fields, including anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, history, philosophy, political science and media studies. NJSTS is connected to the Nordic network of STS research, which connects researchers within the field from all Nordic countries. Contributions are themed towards the production, use and meaning of science and technology in contemporary society. As such the aim is that the articles in the journal deal with topics and phenomena relevant to current debates within these themes.

The journal will provide research, analysis and commentary from established themes in the Nordic STS communities, such as research on sustainable energy and climate change, information and communication technologies, gender studies, game studies, research on biotechnology and reproductive technologies, media studies, research on popular representations of science and the history of science and technology. In addition we wish the journal to be a stepping stone for new areas and topics in Nordic STS research and expertise, showcasing up-and-coming research and research communities.

The journal is separated into three sections: peer reviewed articles, book reviews and a miscellaneous section with dispatches, opinion pieces and other texts that are harder to classify. Submissions to any and all three subsections are welcomed. All articles are double-blind peer-reviewed, and we aim to give first feedback to articles no later than 8 weeks after submission.

Who is behind it?
The editors of NJSTS are currently based at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. We have assembled an editorial board of eminent researchers in several fields involved in STS research. See our whole editorial board and international advisory board here:

Submitting articles
Find information about submitting articles at our web page. Specific author guidelines can be found here: Any questions or general inquires can be made to the editor at


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