What’s in an image?

Our panel titled What’s in an image? Technoscience and medical images at the First Nordic STS Conference at Hell April 24-26th was a success! It included papers on different aspects of medical images in technoscience by all three project participants; Merete Lie argued that visual conventions of cell imaging contribute to the entification of cells, whereas Manuela Perrotta presented her field work on skilled visions among scientists in an image laboratory at St. Olavs in Trondheim, and Anja Johansen talked about the recontextualisation (and reconceptualisation) of EEG neurofeedback in the art installation Wave UFO. If you are interested, take a look at the programme for the conference, and read our panel description here: Open panel Hell STS

The panel also included a screening of  The good, the true and the beautiful – a film about scientific imaging, produced by Anwar Saab, 1001 films.

Below you can see some photos from the conference by photographer Bård Ivar Basmo. Top: Anja, Manulea and others chatting about technoscience during a break at the conference. Middle: Feedback on Anja Johansen’s presentation about EEG neurofeedback. Bottom: From the screening of the film on medical images; featuring natural scientists, clinicians and museum curators, as well as Merete Lie and Manuela Perrotta.

Nordic STS_break

Nordic STS_paper

Nordic STS_film screening

All photos: Bård Ivar Basmo.


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