The materiality of documented workshops and conferences

For those of you who could not attend, or did not know about this great workshop I attended in March this year – here you go: Medical Museion have published videos, blog posts, photos and other kinds of documentation of the workshop It’s not what you think: Communicating Medical Materialities. There are videos from each of the thematic sessions as well as of the object investigation sessions. Among the videos you will also find the public lecture by Oron Catts, director of SymbioticA.

Of course it is not the same as having physically been there, taking part in the discussion and explorative sessions, drinking wine and mingling with people in crowded room (perhaps you prefer not to?), chatting informally during breaks, visiting the Design Museum nearby, or enjoying the faboulous dinner we got served over there – but you might get a feeling of the discussions at least. And you can watch the videos whenever you like, sitting in a comfy sofa. You don’t have to get as cold as I did walking back to my hotel in the freezing Copenhagen wind.. Hope more exciting conferences and workshops publish videos or provide live streams, there are just too many to attend!



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