Film o’hoi!

Our film about scientific imaging has recently been show in the US! Some weeks ago we travelled to sunny California to attend the 4S conference in San Diego. This year, for the first time, 4S encouraged scholars to submit films they had either made themselves or had been involved in making. Altogether 5 films were screened during the conference, including ours. Thanks to all those who came to the screening, and for good feedback as well as interesting questions! Wes Shrum, who was responsible for the film sessions, is also organising the new film festival Ethnografilm in Paris during April next year. We have already submitted the film to the festival – crossing our fingers it will be accepted!

Back in Trondheim we were invited to shown the film at the Department of Biotechnology, NTNU on October 23rd. The coming weeks the film will also be shown in a students course in Technology and Innovation at NTNU (November 30ieth) and at Gastrosenteret, St.Olavs Hospital (November 1st).

If you know anyone who would be interested in showing this film for educational purposes or as part of a seminar, feel free to contact us!

For the full list of previous screenings, see here.



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