Welcome to the Anatomical Theatre 2014!

In the 16th century surgeons and artists had to cut the body open in order to see what it looked like inside. Today we can peer into the body without cutting the surface, and colorful images of the body’s microcosm have become part of our everyday visual culture; in commercials, TV-series and films. Technological innovations provide new possibilities for medical diagnosis and treatment. However, this development also generates new ethical dilemmas.

Å kjenne sannheten (2002), Nils Malmros

Still image from the film Facing the truth, by Nils Malmros, 2002.

Friday May 2nd we invite you to explore images and imaginations of the body’s interior and discuss ethical dilemmas related to emerging medical technologies, before and now. In collaboration with the film festival Kosmorama and the research project Picturing the brain we arrange a half-day seminar with film screenings and presentations of medial technologies, followed by discussions. Among the participants are film director Nils Malmros, neurosurgeon Geirmund Unsgård from St.Olav’s Hospital, and Jan Gunnar Skogås from the Operating room of the future, NTNU/St.Olav’s. We will show our short documentary about medical imaging, and have included science fiction, drama and art films as part of the program. Talks and discussion will be held in Norwegian. More information here.

The event is funded by ELSA Norway/the Norwegian Research Council.


Outlandish by Phillip Warnell

Outlandish. Strange foreign bodies (2009), still from film by artist Phillip Warnell





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