Medical imaging across art and science. Dokkhuset in Trondheim, September 3-4th. Joint closing conference and art exhibition with the research project Picturing the brain.

SCOT-workshop. Social construction of technology coming of age: new challenges and opportunities ahead, at Suhmhuset in Trondheim June 3-5th. Paper presentations by Merete Lie and Anja Johansen.

The anatomical theatre. Trondheim, May 2nd. Film series and seminars on the body in surgery, film and art.  Collaboration with Kosmorama film festival 2014.

4S Conference in San Diego
, October 9-12th, 2013. We will participate both with our film in a special programme, and in the session Feminism and Media Infrastructures, chaired by Lisa Cartwright and Merete Lie.

STS Italia Summer School, 2nd Edition: “Technologically Dense Environments:What, Where and How”, Ostuni, Italy, June 12-16 2013. Manula Perrotta is one of the confirmed speakers. Deadline May 15th.

First Nordic Science and Technology Studies/STS conference, Hell, Norway, April 24-26, 2013. Our panel: What’s in an image? Technoscience and medical images

Closing conference for the Programme for Cultural Values (The Research Council of Norway), to be held at Litteraturhuset, Oslo, April 9. There will be a screening of our film on cultural aspects on biomedical imaging.

It´s not what you think: Communicating Medical Materialities, workshop organised by Adam Bencard and Louise Whiteley, at the Medical Muesion, University of Copenhagen, March 8-9. Anja Johansen is participating.

Animals and Scientific Research, workshop organised by Annamaria Carusi, at the Centre for Medical Science and Technology, University of Copenhagen, January 24-26. Anja Johansen is participating.


Virtual bodies and the diagnostic gaze. Presentation by Dr. Fionagh Thomson, Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK. NTNU Dragvoll 20 December 2012. Bio and more information:Telemedicine talk Thomson

Selective reproductive technologies, conference at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, December 13-15. Papers by Merete Lie and Manuela Perrotta.

Reproduction and Gender at the Crossroads – Conference in Trondheim 29- 30 November 2012. Key note speakers: Sarah Franklin, Carice Thompson, Marcia Inhorn and Merete Lie. Organised by Guro Korsnes Kristensen, Manuela Perrotta, Malin Noem Ravn and Kristin Spilker, NTNU.

Exploratory workshop on art/science collaborations. Organised by the research project Picturing the brain, Trondheim, November 19-20. Anja Johansen participated in the workshop.

Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) and European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) joint meeting, Copenhagen University, October 17-20, 2012.

  • Designing cells, tissues and bodies: ontological shifting in life sciences, panel arranged by Manuela Perrotta and Kristin Spilker. Cell imaging/imagining the cell, paper by Merete Lie. Abstr 4S 2012_ML
  • Notions of interactivity in new media theory, STS and contemporary art, paper by Anja Johansen.

Images and Visualisation: Imaging Technology, Truth and Trust, ESF-conference, Norrköping, Sweden, September 17-21, 2012.

  • Tell the true story: developing skilled visions in the biomedical research, paper by Manuela Perrotta.
  • Producing, looking at and valuing scientific images in the Wellcome Image Awards, paper by Anja Johansen

Thought as Action: Gender, Democracy, Freedom, conference in Bergen, Norway, August 16-18.

  • Parts and Wholes: Individual and social bodies in assisted reproduction, paper by Manuela Perrotta and Kristin Spilker.
  • Reproduction Inside/Outside, paper by Merete Lie. Abstr UiB Merete

Second Global Congress of Qualitative Health Research, Milano, Italy, June 28-30. From parents to patients: hidden stories of assisted kinship between bodies and politics, paper by Manuela Perrotta.

IV STS Italia National Conference
, Rovigo, Italy, June 21-23. Two odd couples: stories of bodily reconceiving from Italy and Norway, paper by Manuela Perrotta.

Inside out. New images and imaginations of the body. Guest lecture by Merete Lie and Manuela Perrotta at the Department of Public Health and General Practice, NTNU, February 16.

NFR conference, Oslo, February 7-8. Kulturforskning og tverrfaglighet: Begreper på vandring. Vakre celler? Estetisering i medisinens bilder, presentation by Merete Lie.

Filming in London for the documentary to be made in collaboration with Anwar Saab.  Interviews with Ken Arnold and Catherine Draycott at the Wellcome Collection, as well as Dr. Richard Wingate, Kings College, and artist Andrew Carnie.


Media Acts, conference in Trondheim, October 26-28, 2011. Forms (of) Engaging the Sensorium: Contemporary Art and Popular Science Installations, paper by Anja Johansen.

Kjønn fra innsiden, guest lecture by Merete Lie at Forskningsdagene, Trondheim, September 22, 2011.

Visualisation in the age of computerisation, conference in Oxford, March 25-26, 2011.

  • Displaying human cells: scale and autonomization, paper by Merete Lie.
  • The sublime aesthetics of the cell, paper by Anja Johansen.

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