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What exactly are we looking at when we look at a microscopic image of a cell? A snapshot of the pulsating life of the body’s microcosm? An image of the triumph of modern technology in revealing the mysteries of the body? A witness of the beauty of nature?

The good, the true and the beautiful is a short documentary on the cultural aspects of medical images and their production. The film invites us to reflect on how imaging technologies have become crucial tools within the biosciences as well as in medical practice. Through questioning the medical images status’ as objective witnesses of nature, the film also challenges us to consider the interdependence of science and culture in the production of new images and imaginations of the body. The film is produced with support from the Norwegian Research Councils program Cultural values (KULVER). The film had its premiere in Trondheim September 2012, and has later been screened at an exhibition opening at the Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine in Oslo, at academic conferences, as well as for educational purposes in STS, Gender Studies and Media Studies at NTNU.

You can watch a teaser here. If you are interested in the full version (available both with Norwegian and English subtitles) it is currently availabe at NRK’s web pages, for Norwegian residents only. International viewers please contact anja.johansen(at)

Project leader: Merete Lie merete.lie(at)
Director and producer: Anwar Saab, 1001 films

Copyright © 2012
1001 Films

Upcoming film screenings 2014

May 2nd. Screenings as part of the interdisciplinary seminar The anatomical theatre 2014, Kosmorama film festival in Trondheim.

Past film screenings

April 17-2oth. Ethnografilm, Paris.

November 1st: Screening at Gastrosenteret, St.Olavs Hospital. Introduction by Merete Lie.

October 30ieth: Screening as part of a course in a BA course in Innovation, Knowledge and Communication at NTNU.

October 23rd : Screening for researchers at the Department of Biotechnology, NTNU as part of their weekly seminars. Short intro and discussion.

October 10th : Film screening as part of the film programme at the 4S conference in San Diego, California.

September 24th: Film screening and concert in Vår Frue Kirke as part of Forskningsdagene.

April 25th 2013: Film screening as part of our panel What’s in an image? Technoscience and medical images at the First Nordic STS Conference at Hell, outside Trondheim, April 24-26th.

April 9th 2013: Film screening at the House of Literature in Oslo, in relation with the closing conference of KULVER (Research Programme on Cultural Values, NFR). More information here.

March 18th 2013: The film will be screened at Cambridge University, UK, as part of the seminar programme at CIRF. Read more about the screening here.

February 1st 2013: The film was screened and presented by Merete Lie, at an information meeting for the Research Council of Norway.

December 4th 2012: Screening at the ELSA-conference in Oslo, by Merete lie, Anwar Saab and Anja Johansen.

November 29th 2012: Screening at the conference Reproduction and Gender at the Crossroads in Trondheim.

October 2012: Educational screening with discussion as part of the course MV 2005 Image culture (led by Guri Hanem), at the Department of Art and Media Studies, NTNU.

October 8th 2012: Screening for the members of KULVER Programme Board, the Research Council of Norway. Presentation by Merete Lie.

September 13th 2012: Screening in relation with opening of the exhibition Dark Garden: Wired in a Different Way, by the artist Andrew Carnie. Museum of Technology, Science and Medicine, Oslo. Andrew Carnie is interviewed in the film.

September 6th 2012: Premiere screening with panel discussion at St. Olavs hospital, Trondheim. Panel participants: Bjørn Myskja (Department of Philosophy), Svein Høier (Department of Art and Media) and Kjartan W. Egeberg (Dept. of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine).

September 5th 2012: Premiere screening with panel discussion at NTNU Dragvoll, Trondheim. Panel participants: Sara Brinch (Department of Art and Media), Berge Solberg (Dept. of Public Health and General Practice) and Kjartan W. Egeberg (Dept. of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine).

Invitation for premiere: Postkort_ENGELSK_LR

Media coverage

Vitenskapens forførende estetikk, article in the online version of Gemini, published 22.02.2013.

Film om å se det som ikke er synlig, article in Universitetsavisa, published 30.08.2012.


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